Motorische Forstwinde mit hydrostatischem  Antrieb in modularer Bauweise

Motorische Forstwinde mit hydrostatischem Antrieb in modularer Bauweise

Falkner Maschinenbau GmbH developed a small cable winch, which becomes an independent, portable working device by attaching a chainsaw. The concept should now be converted to a hydrostatic drive. As far as possible, the same technical data as for the existing winch should be reached. It should also be possible to operate the winch unit with the hydraulic connections of agricultural and forestry vehicles.

The reason why this project has been initiated is mainly because of the costly drive.  The  chainsaw is much  more  expensive  compared  to  the  combustion 
engine used in the pumping set. In addition, they wanted to modernise this long-standing  product.  The  pumping  set  and  the  drive  are  designed  to  be 
The results are now a conceptual model of the hydraulic unit and a modelling of  the  pumping  set  and  the  cable  winch  unit  in  the  3D  program.  The  new winch now has the same values as the existing winch when fed by the tractor hydraulics. If the connection is made with the pumping set, the tensile force is the same but the speed of the rope on the drum is lower. The system fulfils all  the  required  criteria.  The  product  can  pull,  hold  and  the  rope  drum  can unwind automatically. The rope can also be handled manually by the built-in idle. The pumping set and the winch unit can be connected to each other. 

Projektteam: Michael KOFLER, André WECHNER  
Projektbetreuer: DI Dr. Christian Skalla

Projektpartner: Falkner Maschinenbau GmbH